Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New You!

Purification of the Mind
1. Eat less. Eat simple, nourishing, fresh, easily digestive food. Eat to satisfy hunger, but entertain no lethargy; remain light, alert, and joyful.
2. Drink less. But not less than the minimum requirement of the body, according to age and seasonal conditions.
3. Talk less. Avoid unnecessary discussions, lies, and fantasies.
4. Sleep less. Avoid the consumption of energy in dreams.
5. Stay alone. For some time enjoy your own self. Avoid the excitement that comes when one is surrounded by people.
6. Avoid the excessive use of sour, sharp, and pungent tastes.
7. Avoid excessive intimacy or friendship and extreme hatred.
8. Be detached from worldly accomplishments and acquisitions.
9. Be strong, mentally and physically. Be unshakeable by success and failure.
10. Have a restricted mind and don't run after everything that fascinates you.
11. Do not spend energy in the gratification of sensual desires.
12. Keep a distance from members of the opposite sex. Avoid getting massages from them. Massage yourself, but don't massage to enjoy touch.
13. Avoid all kinds of aromas, smells, and oils; use natural-smelling flowers and incense.
14. Be independent; don't depend on others; do your things yourself.
15. Serve those from whom you learn (your guru)
16. Give up desires that satisfy only you.
17. Give up anger. It destroys the electro-chemical balance.
18. Give up pride, self-esteem, and egotism.
19. Give up greed. It makes one selfish, suspicious, jealous, and cunning.
20. Survive on the minimum requirement.
21. Don't deceive anybody. It creates a double personality and causes a person to lose self-confidence and personal magnetism (ojas).
22. Don't boast. It increases egotism.
23. Don't speak lies. They only show that you do not trust yourself.
24. Don't worship ghosts and spirits; worship divinity in pure, compassionate, living form.
25. Don't use drugs to prolongs life. They destroy the natural endurance.
26. Avoid going to conferences, public gatherings, theaters, and places where the mind gets excited.
27. Be content. It gives satisfaction.
28. Be thoughtful, but do not wait for someone to thank you.

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